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ピンチはチャンスなんだMy Friend・・・
Friends only! 
1st-Jan-2020 12:00 pm
W - Phillip & Shoutarou #1

This journal is friends only.
If you think we have similar interests, comment and I'll add you :)
31st-Aug-2010 12:58 am (UTC) - Hiya
Hi is it ok to add you i checked out your interests to see if we had more in common more then double and saw u liked alot of the stuff i love to if i start

Favourite Sentai is Shinkenger ( its also one of my favourite shows ever )

I love my childhood shows as u have listed digimon and dragonball all of then z and gt to,
I love fiinal fantasy games but really want Versus to come out now!
my first jdrama was gokusen but i love all of them three is my favourite cause Ren
My Favourite Japanese actors are :Tomohisa Yamashita and Matsuzaka Tori , Miura Haruma & Tamayama Tetsuji.

I love anything Japanese so i watch alot of JDrama's and Anime's

My favouites are really based on my favouite actors so u can prob guess the shows

am on youtube as CrystalProductions27 http://www.youtube.com/user/CrystalProductions27?feature=mhum

and an also admin of the Matsuzaka Tori facebook page if u know it :)

sorry for the long descibition

take care

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